About Meditations on Present Time

Constructing the Duets Using Borrowed Forms

This project is an open collection of duets between found sound and piano. Each field recording is less than five minutes in length. An image taken at the site where each field recording was made ties the recording to a place and to a lesser extent a time.

Each duet is both a reaction to the general tone of the recording as well as a dialog with the inherent narrative of each selection. In some cases, these narratives are nearly static. In other cases, more dramatic.

Through repeated listening, sonic details appear that anyone would miss outside the context of a field recording. Examples might include automobile tires against wet pavement, aircraft overhead, the slow, periodic shift in pitch of a diesel engine or a woman's passing laugh.

Outside of the recording, these sounds would never be heard twice in the same order or combination. The act of recording is the act of building a frame. The purpose of the piano in this duo is to react to the found composition of the sonic elements in each short recording and reinforce the unique narrative found within each one.

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Piano recording setup with Oktava MK012 pair