Bucks Harbor

Brooksville, ME | Sep 08, 2017
Bucks Harbor Marina

The Penobscot watershed starts deep in the wilderness of northern Maine, somewhere around Pemadumcook Lake. Water flows southeast through the Twin Lakes and on through Quakish Lake and Dolby Pond. The water continues down the Penobscot River and on past Bangor where it first becomes navigable. Onward, the water flows in greater and greater volume to Penobscot Bay where it meets the sea.

On past fair Castine and the Head of the Cape comes Fiddle head, Hog Island and the Black Ledges. Then there is Spectacle Island and the bell buoy guarding Thrumcap Ledge. There, set between Condon Point and Grey's Point lies Bucks Harbor and Lev's Cove.

In the sky, far above the surface of the sea, a pair of bald eagles glided effortlessly over the deciduous forest surrounding the cove. Effortless in motion, they scarcely moved their wings as they flew. In an instant, there was a rustling in the underbrush and a swift downward dive followed by silence. One life had ended so that others can continue. The sea was quiet, silent, indifferent, unaware.

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Following is a document of acoustic events during the field recording.

Halyards flapping against the mast
Wind dies down, water lapping against the dingy
Halyard resume flapping against the mast
Wind picks up, sound and activity increase
Bird calls
Water slapping against the dingy

Nautical Chart

Nautical map of Bucks Harbor and the surrounding area


Section A

Melodic theme for Section A and pitch material for entire selection


Section B

Rhythmic map for section B


Section C

Ground bass for passacaglia for section C