Hong Kong

Shameless Records, SHLP12, 2021

Hong Kong is a sonic exploration of a complex, unique and fascinating city at a critical point in its history. These compositions are based on a series of field recordings made in August 2015 on walks through various neighborhoods and locations around Hong Kong and the surrounding area. The scores for each piece were written by transcribing each field recording and preparing a sound map made up of signals representing the boundaries between areas of relative aural stasis or specific locations of sonic change. These structures formed the foundation for a set of general instructions guiding each improvisation. The compositions explore the sounds of the neighborhoods and streets of Hong Kong through a patchwork of symmetries, contrasts, conflict and diminutions. As the city is formed through a deep layering of architecture and society, this album was created by re-layering the field recordings and the guided improvisations. This refolding and collaging of musical material is a creative disruption of location and time, which mirrors the dynamic and complex cultural and historical fabric of Hong Kong.