D Bayne - Albums

Following is a collection of albums where I have been involved as a composer, collaborator or pianist.

No War нет войнe

No War нет войнe

This is a charity and solidarity release responding to the criminal invasion of Ukraine by Putin, late Feb 2022. Currently we are sending donations to local refugee assist groups here in Berlin.

Shameless Records, 2022

Hong Kong

A sonic exploration of a complex, unique and fascinating city at a critical point in its history.

Shameless Records, SHLP12, 2021
Once Upon A Time In The Midwest

Once Upon A Time In The Midwest

A collection of compelling, head nodding late-night treats with a healthy dose of sonic confectionary.

BassKase, 2019
Meditations on Present Time

Meditations on Present Time

Bayne’s travels take him from city to shore, café to ferry, and wherever he goes, he hears the environment as music. His natural gift is to bring out the inherent musicality of these sounds.

Luminescence Records, LUM003, 2015

National Parks

National Parks often veers close to tuneful politeness but retains an atonal edge throughout that undermines everything and provides a nervous and intriguing quality to the music.

Monotype Records, MONOLP019, 2013
D Bayne Sextet LML004

D Bayne Sextet

Recorded live at the original Morseland club in Chicago, this sextet recording follows a long-running monthly performance engagement showcasing the soloists' polish and virtuosity.

Luminescence Records, LML004, 2012
No Ifs, Ands or Dogs


The songs run the gamut of everything that makes Cheer-Accident an exceptional band: prickly, lurching psychedelia with honeyed singing, quizzical Steve Reich-meets-King Crimson rockers, and sweetly peculiar soft-pop a la Beach Boys and Free Design.

Cuneiform Records, Rune 326, 2011
Postmarks Western Avenue

Western Avenue

Sublime and gently hypnotic. It actually sounds as if they are playing some standard in a bar where the atmosphere is filled with smoke and somber vibes... evocative of late-night dreamworld vibes.

Luminescence Records, LML005, 2011
Chicago Sound Map

Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel

Live recording of a concert in the Claudia Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, Illinois on April 8, 2008.

Kuro Neko Music, KN 003CD, 2011
>D Bayne Tim Daisy Kurt Johnson LML002

Bayne Daisy Johnson Trio

Moving in lovely expansive waves... immensely charming and exciting on a more restrained level. Often beautiful beyond words.

Luminescence Records, LML002, 2007
Chicago Sound Map LUM001


Reminiscent of the great recordings of the Reid Miles Blue Note era, this album swings with energetic solos and sophisticated arrangements.

Luminescence Records, LUM001, 2000
Underground Evolution

Primordial Passage

Influences range from early primeval sounds to Herbie Hancock with the kind of Afro Cuban beats that you might hear on a Santana or Fela Kuti record. The standard of the musicianship is exemplary, the production carefully crafted and sublime.

Peacefrog Records, PF090, 1998